15% Off Massages & Facials!

Celebrate your favorite person - yourself! Take 15% off facials, massages, and spa services when you make an appointment on Mondays.




Finding a massage spa that can make you feel amazing from head to toe is easier now than ever before. We're a massage spa that serves clients in Los Angeles, California. If you're trying to find an incredible exfoliating body scrub, our massage spa can come through for you. Our body scrub treatments can make you feel like a brand new individual. Visit our massage spa as soon as possible to get additional details about our treatments.

Options in Massages

Our massage spa has options in massages that are abundant and interesting. If you want to treat your body to a massage journey that's unrivaled, we can aid you. We have refreshing massages that zero in on the shoulders, neck and back. These last for half an hour. We have deep tissue massages that minimize feelings of pressure and rigidity. Our team members depend on deep tissue methods that concentrate on connective tissues and muscles that are far down from the top of the skin.

Timeless Swedish massages are on offer here, too. These involve lengthy and effortless practices and can calm the physique completely. They can eliminate all hints of muscle discomfort, too.

Hot stone massages can send frustration and nerves packing. Warm stones can make the body feel fantastic and at ease. Clients can choose between 60 and 90 minute treatments.

Are you pregnant and waiting for a bundle of joy? Try out our massage spa today. We have pre and post natal massage treatments accessible. If you are about to give birth or just delivered, our massage spa can delight you with our hour-long treatment.

Our myofascial release massages concentrate on the body in full. We pay attention to the fundamentals of the in-depth myofascial systems. If you're looking for a massage spa that pinpoints the positioning of the bones, you're in the right place.

Our massage spa has a signature massage that blends together numerous treatments. Clients can pick between 60 and 90 minute tranquil journeys.


15% Off Massages & Facials!

Celebrate your favorite person - yourself! Take 15% off facials, massages, and spa services when you make an appointment on Mondays.

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  • Refresh 30 Minutes $40.00

    Revitalize your back, neck, and shoulders with this perfect, refreshing mini service

  • Deep Tissue
    60 Minutes $85.00 90 Minutes $100.00

    Alleviate soreness, stiffness, and chronic tension with deep tissue techniques that target hidden muscle layers and connective tissues

  • Pre / Post Natal 60 Minutes $85.00

    Preparing expectant mothers bodies for the miracle of child birth. Gentle and safe techniques support the bodies transition through the physical changes it is going through. Self-care material provided

  • Hot Stone
    60 Minutes $85.00 90 Minutes $100.00

    Melt away stress and tension as warm stones glide over your body providing the ultimate relaxation

  • Swedish
    60 Minutes $85.00 90 Minutes $100.00

    Using soft, long, soothing techniques, this classic massage relieves muscle tension as well as improves and relaxes the body

  • Le Rêve Signature
    60 Minutes $95.00 90 Minutes $115.00

    Enter nirvana in luxury with this custom massage treatment combining several of our special services to give you an unforgettable experience

  • Myofascial Release
    30 Minutes $55.00 60 Minutes $95.00 90 Minutes $115.00

    A hands on, whole body manual therapy technique addressing the fascial systems. MFR is used to elongate the fascial tissue with a 90-120 second gentle pressure into the restriction or tissue barrier. After releasing through several barriers, the tissue will become soft and pliable. The pressure will be taken off pain sensitive areas and motion will be restored. Myofascial Release differs from massage and chiropractic manipulation in that is applies sustained pressure into the fascial system. Soft tissue restrictions that alter bone alignment are addressed and osseous releases are performed slowly without manipulation.

Massage / Body Scrub Add-Ons

  • Steam Shower 30 Minutes $15.00

    A hot steam shower can be added to any service!

  • Partial Hot Stone Massage $20.00
  • Partial Deep Tissue Massage $20.00