Few things can make a person look better than a gorgeous and healthy set of nails on each hand. If you're trying to locate a wonderful nail salon in or around sun-kissed Los Angeles, California, then ours is exactly what you need. We're a trusted nail salon that can make your hands and feet look better and lovelier than ever before. When you're on the lookout for a City of Angels manicure salon or pedicure salon that never disappoints its client base, focus on us. Our pedicure salon cares about client satisfaction.

Pedicure and Manicure Treatments

Our nail salon can do your toenails and fingernails a huge favor. We offer standard manicures that can make your fingernails look vibrant and healthy. We specialize in more in-depth spa pedicures for your feet, too. Many different things go into our spa pedicures. They involve polishing, shaping and filing. They involve cuticle maintenance. They involve the use of lotion on the feet as well. Clients who opt for our spa pedicures can relax on spa chairs. They can even get complete back massages.

Gel Options

Our nail salon is known for gel manicures that can make hands look like a million dollars. These manicures entail glossing, coloring, solid bonding, coat sealing, shaping, filing and cuticle upkeep.

Acrylic Options

If you're interested in top-quality acrylic options, then you won't be able to turn away from our nail salon. We can wow you with acrylic fills and full sets alike.

Hard Gel Options

Hard gel enthusiasts frequently are drawn to our nail salon. They lean on us any time they're searching for top-tier French full sets, color full sets and even clear full sets. Our manicure salon team members specialize in hard gel offerings that accommodate the toes as well.

Hard Gel Fill Options

Do you want to get access to the greatest hard gel fills in all of Los Angeles? Our customers can pick between amazing French, color and clear fills as they desire.

Additional Nail Salon Treatments

Our nail salon offers nail "extras" that are abundant and thrilling. If you want to learn about all of the finest add-ons for nails, you can give us your attention right now. Nail design is one of our biggest focal points. We can design nails that are eye-catching and modern. We also repair nail issues of all kinds. If you want us to fix a nail dilemma that's been eating away at you, just say the word. Other add-ons that are accessible through our nail salon are chrome, gel, XL acrylic, cooling masks, peeling, filing, hot towel wraps, callus extraction, paraffin baths, acrylic extraction, gel extraction, glossing and polish switches. If you want to find a nail salon that offers neck, shoulder, foot and hand massages, we're here for you. If you want to find a salon that pampers clients with the pleasures of comprehensive sea salt scrubs, we're here for you as well. Remember, too, that our polish switches are appropriate for the feet and hands alike.

Mani & Pedi Treatments

  • Classic Manicure $20.00
  • Spa Pedicure $30.00

    Includes: cuticle care, file / shape, polish, and foot lotion all taking place on an elegant spa chair offering a full back massage and softening soak jet massage

Gel Services

  • Gel Services $30.00

    Includes: cuticle care, file / shape, coat sealer, solid bond, color of choice, and super gloss

Acrylic Services

  • Acrylic Full Set $45.00
  • Acrylic Fill $30.00

Hard Gel Services

  • Full Set Clear $55.00
  • Full Set Color $60.00
  • Full Set French $65.00
  • On Toes $35.00

Hard Gel Fill Services

  • Fill Clear $40.00
  • Fill Color $45.00
  • Fill French $50.00

Nail Add-Ons

  • Nail Design (Per nail) $5.00
  • Nail Repair (Per nail) $5.00
  • Gel Add-on $15.00
  • Chrome $15.00
  • Long / Xl Acrylic / Tip $10.00
  • Polish Change (Hands / Feet) $10.00
  • French Tip Mani $10.00
  • French Tip Pedi $5.00
  • Super Gloss(Gel top coat) $10.00
  • Nail Cut / File $10.00
  • Gel / Acrylic Removal $15.00
  • Peeling (Sea salt scrub) $10.00
  • Callus Removal $10.00
  • Hot Towel Wrap $10.00
  • Cooling Masque (Hands / feet) $10.00
  • Paraffin Bath (Hands / feet) $12.00
  • Massage Add-on $15.00

    Hands / feet/ shoulders / neck 15 minutes