Permanent Makeup SERVICES

Permanent Makeup SERVICES


Permanent makeup makes it possible for us to wake up with fresh-looking makeup every day. We can go to the gym or out for a night of dancing, and our makeup will stay perfectly in place. Having a procedure to get permanent makeup can save us time in the morning, and make it so we are always looking presentable.

Permanent makeup is supposed to slightly enhance our features without anyone else knowing that we have had it done. It should be done in a natural-looking way, and should still allow us to apply more makeup if we want a bolder look.

There are many different options available to choose from when it comes to permanent makeup. Some of us want a full face of makeup, others just want the basics. Le Reve Salon De Paris, located in Granada Hills, California, offers many permanent makeup services.


Eyeliner is one of the permanent makeup options available. Basic lines, which look more natural, and thick lines are both options to choose from. The procedure could be done on just the bottom line, just the top line, or on both. An eyeliner design can be added to the thick line option, as well.


Permanent makeup eyebrows, or microblading, can be done to permanently fill in or correct eyebrows at our salon. Microblading takes three sessions to complete. Another option is to have permanent makeup eyebrows touched up, which takes two sessions.


Lips are a popular permanent makeup procedure. Technicians can do just lip liner, or they can do full lips. These procedures add shape to the mouth, makes them look fuller, shapes and defines borders, and can add a bow above the upper lip. With this procedure, we will no longer need to worry about touching up our lipstick.

Additional Permanent Makeup Services

There are many other options for permanent makeup at our salon. Beauty marks or spot treatments can be done. Also on the permanent makeup list is a small design tattoo, which varies based on many factors. Another service is for the areola, which takes three sessions per breast to complete.


  • Eyebrows Alone and Correction $350.00
  • Eyebrows Touch-Up $200.00


  • Liner $350.00
  • Full Lips $550.00

Eyeliner (Basic Line)

  • Basic Bottom Line $150.00
  • Basic Top Line $250.00
  • Basic Bottom & Top Line $350.00

Eyeliner (Thick Line)

  • Thick Bottom Line $250.00
  • Thick Top Line $350.00
  • Thick Bottom & Top Line $550.00
  • Eyeliner Design $100.00

Other Permanent Makeup Services

  • Beauty Mark / Spot Treatment $100.00
  • Small Design Tattoo $100.00
  • Areola (Per Breast) (3 Sessions) $350.00